Wednesday 12 November 2014

Heather Anastasiu Author of Glitch Invterview!

Heather Anastasiu 
Hi there!,
I emailed Heather Anastasiu the author of glitch recently with some questions, this is her answers: 

1. If you glitched, what type of ability would you wish to obtain?

Super Endurance! That way I could just write constantly, be a super mom and wife, and have all kinds of extra energy left over!

2. Is the idea of your books (the controlling the human race with chips) One of the ways you imagine the future?

I get weirded out about all the ways that technology could be used in the future. Don't get me wrong, I think so much of it will be for good! Think about what computers and the internet have done for us over the past thirty years! But I also think about how much smaller and smaller technology gets every year and how ambitious human kind is. I think about how people start off with good intentions - it's for medicine! And then corporations could get involved and want to skew it for control and power over the population. Or the military usage of things. *shrugs* Then those thoughts worry me.

3. What are your hopes for the trilogy now that it's done (movie, novellas...)? 

Haha, I'm not so ambitious. I'm just extremely happy it's being translated into other languages and still has more audiences to find!

4. When you found out that you were going to be a published author what was your first thought?

It's funny, what I most felt was RELIEF. Like, oh thank God, this is actually going to HAPPEN! I was so anxious, so worried that I'd never get published. And then a big New York publisher was going to publish my books and I just felt this immense amount of relief, like, *yes* I'd done it, I'd made it, the impossible dream was coming true. And lol, I could finally tell everyone that I'd been writing a book! Because no one knew! I'd been too embarrassed to tell anyone other than my husband! So when I told them all, they were like, what? You write? Like, books? Hahaha.

5. Do you have any more plans for future books? If so what are your ideas? 
Always more ideas, always more books! Finished two novels this year in fact! One's a kind of young adult thriller and the other is for adults actually, a historical/women's fiction WWII saga. Hopefully I'll have more news about one of those in the upcoming year!

Make sure to check out Glitch

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