Friday 12 September 2014

Singapore book store is expanding!?

In Singapore we do not have many bookstores. We have times and another Asian one called Kinokunjia (Kee-no-kun-ya). There is a nice Kinokunjia store next in a shopping center here but it is only one level. While I was out today to the dentist is saw those kind of weird barriers that are put up when they are building/renovating or expanding a shop directly about Kinokunija with it's name and Slogan all over it. So I came to the conclusion that they are building another level!!! That means that they might even expand the YA section. I swear if they do I will forever love this shop. I am waiting....
*jumping up and down with excitement*

I realize now that this information is probably irrelevant to most of you but I still needed to get it off my chest.....

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