Wednesday 24 September 2014

All The Truth That's In Me by Julie Berry Progress/thoughts

20893344Pages 1-35
My thoughts:
I don't really like to read non-fanitsy or dystopian books so when I do I have to pick the right ones. Picking up this book was defiantly a good choice. I like how the chapters are really short and cut of in the middle of the page so the next one can start right under it. Judith is a really interesting character to read about with a haunting back story which I really want to know more about. The romance in this book (or lack of) is very one way. A four year age difference!? A fourteen year old has fallen for a eighteen year old, but not the other way around. I am extremely curious to see how this one plays out. It says in the blurb that she has to find her voice.... does that mean that she has to learn to speak with half a tongue? I don't know but I do want to know what they mean by that.

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