Friday 12 September 2014

Branded Progress

Warning: Small spoilers in this no big ones if you do not want to get spoiled (even for little things) do not read ahead

pages 4-234

My thoughts: 
Wow, this book is good. I love the romance that has blossomed between Cole and Lexi even though it was kind of obvious from the first four pages that she was going to fall for a guard. I understand more or less what the book is about and it is really well written but I am still waiting for some kind of plot twist or reveal which I think (almost know) is coming because some things are not fitting together. I think that maybe Sutton is the Commanders apprentice since I think that he know more than he is letting on. Something is just not right with Sutton and I can't put my finger on it. Yet. i was in class when I read that Alyssa who just so happened to be my favourite character died. Why couldn't there be one of those miracles that only happen in books and she magically gets better..... *sighs*. I have a theory that the virus that she had was made by the commander to kill the sinners since other people are getting it and maybe Sutton has something to do with it???

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