Tuesday 16 September 2014

Glitch Process/thoughts update....

This has small spoilers nothing that will really ruin the book but be careful! (it also contains quite a bit of frustration....)

Pages 1-160
My thoughts:
I am finding that this book is a good read but nothing to spectacular (my opinion). I love Adrien. I think that he is a good character and treats Zoe good. I have mixed feelings about Max though, he seems to be ahead of himself naturally assuming that Zoe has the same feelings for him just because she is glitching as well. It really irritates me when they interact I preferred it more when he was the mindless person that needed tutoring. The whole concept of the book, I think, is really good. The thought of losing all of my emotions and dulling my senses scares me. Also since I am fairly strong willed and stubborn (at times) and to be honest,
having that taken away from me would more or less drive me completely insane.
The part where I am now unnerves (and sometimes frustrates me) is now when she has to go BACK down there and has no memory of what has happened above ground. Then she sees Adrien and doesn't think that she could trust him... I wanted to slap those memories right back into her. Then he goes and saves her life (again) and then she STILL doesn't trust him yet? Come on she is just making up reasons now Maybe the community had planned this all to make me trust him and then he will turn me in. (not a direct quote), Come on! Next thing you know she will  be saying that she can't trust him because he might secretly be a giraffe.... (how cool would that be though?). HE SAVED YOUR LIFE 3 TIMES!!!! Trust him again, be together!
Okay i'm done.

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