Thursday 23 July 2015

Bedtime Book Tag

Thank you for tagging us Megan and Cat, over at Books of Fascination! This is our second book tag and we absolutely love doing them. Thank you!

1. Book that kept you up all night reading
Angelina: I actually haven't read a book that kept me up all night because sadly I decide to go to sleep and read the next day again. But I have read a lot of books which I was very reluctant to put down. The one that comes to mind immediately would probably be Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass #1) by Sarah J. Maas. I didn't keep on reading this because it was terrifying, but because it was amazingly awesome! I always wanted to know what would happen next and I didn't feel tired at all reading this book.
Jessica: This book unlike Angelina actually did keep me up most of the night, crying mostly, but also reading. It is one of my favourite books of all time and I will never forget that adrenaline rush that it gave me.

2. Book that made you scared to go to sleep
Angelina: I want to start off by saying that I in fact don't read any horror books at all, so this choice was pretty difficult for me.  But I think that I would probably go with Vampire Academy because the Strigoi were described in really creepy ways and I always imagined them in my head. 

Jessica: The book which made me scared to go to sleep was Frozen Charlotte. These little dolls in the book stick pins in your eyes if you leave them lying around. I have pins in my room, a lot of pins. I was scared I was going to wake up blind one morning. Those little dolls are creepy.

3. Book that made you go to sleep
Angelina: I have a feeling that I'm lacking reading experience right now. I don't have much to say about falling asleep while reading because I've never done that. But I guess that for now I will go with the most boring book I have ever read. This one's easy: Wilhelm Tell by Friedrich Schiller. *sigh* We had to read that book for German class and it didn't help that it was written in script form. I felt like I really wanted to fall asleep every time I opened that book.

Jessica: This book didn't actually make me go to sleep but it did in fact bore  me out of my mind. This special book is Across the Universe. I did not like this book at all and it is one of the only books which I have ever given 1 star to so that is an achievement in itself. 

4. Book that left you tossing and turning in anticipation of its release
Angelina: I hardly ever keep up to date with the upcoming releases. But this is an exception. Right now I can't wait for The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan. It is the new series about Viking gods and until now I loved every single mythology book Rick Riordan has written.

Jessica: QUEEN OF SHADOWS! QUEEN OF SHADOWS! Hands down, go home. I cannot wait for this book to come out and I want to read it right now. As in right this second. Sarah J.Maas is such an amazing author and all of her book are breathtaking. QUEEN OF SHADOWS!!!

5. Book that has your dream boyfriend
Angelina: I don't really know who to pick... I feel kind of weird answering this question. But if I had to pick, I think I would choose Anthony Lockwood from The Screaming Staircase. He always seemed like a nice person, he makes jokes, is sarcastic and actually knows what he is doing (sometimes). Also add the fact that I am completely obsessed with this book. IT IS SO GOOD!!!

Jessica: Jessica feels to uncomfortable to answer this question. 

6. Book that would be your worst nightmare to live in
Angelina: The book that would be my worst nightmare to live in would probably be The 5th Wave by
Rick Yancey. Aliens have invaded the world, everyone you know is dead, you might be the only person left on Earth, you can't trust anyone and you could die at any given moment. I think those are plenty of reasons for me not to live there. 

Jessica: I would hate to live in the world of Trial by Fire. I am a bit of a science geek and not being able to practice science would break my mind. Also there are some pretty scary monsters which I hope that I will never encounter in real life.

7. Book that reminds you of the night time 
Angelina: My answer is probably affected by the fact that I just recently read this book, but The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong does remind me of night time. The characters always have to sneak around and try to survive. They do almost all of that in the night.

Jessica:  My answer to this is defiantly Strange Angels. Practically all of the best scenes took place at night so that is how I remember this book. 

8. Book that had a nightmarish cliffhanger
Angelina: This is going to be a kind of obvious answer, but I am going to choose The Mark of Athena, the third book in the Heroes of Olympus series. That cliffhanger had a real cliff and it was almost killing me because I wanted to find out what would happen next. Then Rick Riordan had the nerve to mention it during the dedication in the next book!

Jessica: The worst cliffhanger for me was in Wings of the Wicked the second book in the Angelfire trilogy. My favourite character was literally left dying with poison in him, and I didn't know f he was going to pull through. That was the last few pages, I still didn't know if he was going to pull though when the book ended. That killed me.

9. Book that you actually dreamed about
Angelina: I think I remember dreaming about the Warrior Cats, because I was a cat and everyone I
knew also turned into a cat and joined ThunderClan. It was a brief dream but it was still really awesome.

Jessica: For this question I am afraid that I am going to have to repeat an answer. I vaguely remember dreaming about Trial by Fire some time ago when I first read it. I don't remember the details exactly I only remember dreaming about it.

10. Book monster you would not want to find under your bed
Angelina: I definitely wouldn't want to find a Griever under my bed. It is a blobby, mechanical monster from The Maze Runner and it would be able to kill a person way too easily. 

Jessica: Again, another repeated answer. I would hate to find a frozen Charlotte from the book Frozen Charlotte under my bed. I have grown very attached to my eyes and I do not fancy having them pulled out.

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Again, thanks for tagging us, we enjoy doing them! We're sorry that it took so long for us to finish this tag. It won't happen again!

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