Tuesday 21 October 2014

Im back!

sorry for my brief absence I am not going to use the good old fashion got caught up in school excuse but instead just say that I got a little lazy with the reviews. Wile I was not posting I did read quite a few books so here is a quick list of them and reviews will be up soon!

  1. The infinite Sea By Rick Yancey 
  2. Graceling By Kristin Cashore 
  3. Messenger of Fear By Michael Grant
  4. Blind By Rachel DeWoskin
  5. Control Lydia Kang
  6. Amy and Rodgers Epic Detour By Morgan Matson 
  7. Hereafter By Tara Hudson 
  8. Alice in Zombie Land By Gena Showalter  
Currently reading: Endgame: The Calling By James Frey

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