Saturday 19 March 2016

Half Bad (the half bad trilogy #1) by Sally Green


 Book Blurb (From Goodreads)
You can't read, can't write, but you heal fast, even for a witch.

You get sick if you stay indoors after dark.

You hate White Witches but love Annalise, who is one.

You've been kept in a cage since you were fourteen.

All you've got to do is escape and find Mercury, the Black Witch who eats boys. And do that before your seventeenth birthday.


My Review:
This book has one of the most captivating book blurbs that I have ever seen, so needless to say I had high expectations for it. But I was disappointed, it was like a roller-coaster that went up really high at the beginning but then kind up dropped and never got back up again.
It is about a boy called Nathan who is half white witch and half black witch. He lives in a white witch society where he is constantly judged, bullied and every aspect of his life I controlled by the White Witch counsel. His farther is the most powerful black witch that they know off and the counsel would do anything to catch him, their main plan? Use Nathan and hope that his Farther has some shred of decency as to not let his son die. Nathan being not happy with any part of this plan escapes the counsel and begins his journey to find Mercury, a black witch which can give him the three gifts on his seventeenth birthday so he can come into his powers. Something which Council will surly never do. If he does not receive these three gifts, he'll die. No pressure.
Throughout this book I found the plot kind of bland. Not the concept of the plot, that's really interesting and exciting to think about. It's more of how it was executed that really bothered me throughout the entire book. It started off really exciting with all of the mystery and the writing style at the beginning was something that I had never seen before. It was written as if you were the character, and that was the coolest thing about this book. I wish that Sally Green had written the entire book in that style. All the action was in the first 3 sections of the book. After that it was more sitting around and it wasn't all that great to read. I started to really want to put the book down and never pick it up again but I was too far in to do that.
I had trouble with relating to all of the characters in this book. But that could just be me. My favourite character by far would have to be Jessica, but I am almost 100% sure that I am only saying that because she has the same name as me. If she didn't, I'd probably want her dead.
All in all I give this book 2 out of 5 stars.

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