Saturday 26 December 2015

The Witch Hunter (the witch hunter #1) by Virginia Boecker

18190208Book Blurb (From Goodreads)
The magic and suspense of Graceling meet the political intrigue and unrest of Game of Thrones in this riveting fantasy debut.

Your greatest enemy isn't what you fight, but what you fear.

Elizabeth Grey is one of the king's best witch hunters, devoted to rooting out witchcraft and doling out justice. But when she's accused of being a witch herself, Elizabeth is arrested and sentenced to burn at the stake.

Salvation comes from a man she thought was her enemy. Nicholas Perevil, the most powerful and dangerous wizard in the kingdom, offers her a deal: he will save her from execution if she can break the deadly curse that's been laid upon him.

But Nicholas and his followers know nothing of Elizabeth's witch hunting past--if they find out, the stake will be the least of her worries. And as she's thrust into the magical world of witches, ghosts, pirates, and one all-too-handsome healer, Elizabeth is forced to redefine her ideas of right and wrong, of friends and enemies, and of love and hate.

Virginia Boecker weaves a riveting tale of magic, betrayal, and sacrifice in this unforgettable fantasy debut.

My Review:

I haven't read a good fantasy book in about three weeks, how did I survive? With a sprinkle of fairy dust, or in this case, some witch herbs.
I wasn't sure about this book in the first 2-3 chapters. It was in this time that I worried that it was going to be a book about some kind of love sick girl drinking away her problems in a bar. However, when I stuck to it and continued reading what I got was a good book witch many loveable characters. When Elizabeth meets Nicholas was when the real fun began. This is when you are thrown into the world of magic and get to see all of the amazing things it can do like make a real life replica of space on your living room celling (I don't know about you, but I would love to see that). We find out soon after that Nicolas has been cursed by a mystery person and apparently Elizabeth is the only one that can find a tablet to break it. If she doesn't it is 100% certain that Nicolas will die, so no pressure. Since Elizabeth has been trained to kill wizards, and Nicolas is the most wanted wizard in the country this goes against her morals but of coerce she does it because if she didn't there would be no book. She teams up with one pirate, one witch healer and Nicolas's apprentice. This leads to an exciting adventure with much needed good humour.
Elizabeth is a head strong stubborn character that has some trouble letting go of the ways that she has been taught for most of her life. She has a complicated background, involving her parent being killed by a magic plague which makes it severely difficult for her to trust anyone even remotely related to any sort of magic. We see these trust issues start to evaporate when she finds the good side of magic but it does take a while. She always sticks up for her friends, unless they betray her, then she might accidently through a dagger at the head. I'm not looking at anyone in particular.

All in all I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

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