Friday 18 September 2015

Echoes by Laura Tisdall

Book Blurb (from Goodreads):
“There is truth to be shared. Let us begin…”

Volatile mathematical genius Mallory Park is living two lives. In one, she is balancing senior year with looking after her little brother and troubled ex-Marine father; in the other, she spends her nights glued to her laptop, breaking into some of the world’s most secure systems as the hacker Echo Six.

As part of a corruption-exposing cyber network called the Forum, Mallory is far more at ease among the codes and hidden identities of her online world than she has ever been in the real one, but when other hackers start to go missing, she finds herself caught up in a web of secrets that could have repercussions far beyond both.

When anyone can be a name on a screen, how do you know who to trust?

Our Reviews (+ book club's opinions)

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"It was very exciting and even though I wasn't into it at first, I felt myself needing to read more. I also liked how even though I am a boy, I still liked the genre of the book and I liked how she left the end of the chapters hanging. If I had to rate this book, I would rate it 11 out of 10 stars!" -Sam More, Book Club Member

I absolutely loved this book! It is an exciting and thrilling fast-paced book. 
This book revolves around the sixteen year old girl Mallory Park, also known as Echo Six on the hacker Forum. She lives with her troubled father and younger brother; she is the one who takes care of the family. Mallory has two lives pretty much, her risky hacker life, and her real life, where she has a phobia of being touched, goes to school and cares for her brother. Suddenly, some of the famous hackers start disappearing without a trace and Echo Six doesn't know who to trust anymore.
This was a really amazing book. It captivated me from the first page and is completely action-packed. I really liked how the plot worked itself out and how new problems arose every couple of pages. I thought that some of the plot twists were a bit predictable; however, this was still an amazing book which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. It didn't matter to me that I could kind of predict the plot twist, it was still as exciting to read as if I didn't know.
The characters were very three dimensional. Mallory was really well written, she had a complex personality and the reader feels sympathy for her because she has to take care of her very complicated and broken family all by herself. She went through so much pain and suffering in the past and yet she is still willing to do anything to protect her father and her brother. She is also a genius, she makes several very hard decisions which I couldn't make. My favourite character was Warden however, he was awesome. He was really sweet, nice and talks a lot which is a really cool mix. Warden was always there for Mallory even though he didn't know her, he always tried to comfort her which is really nice of him. I found it also kind of adorable when Warden starts rambling on when he is in danger or nervous because it is really heartfelt. Whatever he says is heartfelt in that case.
This book was amazing and I wanted to just keep on reading. The ending was well-written, it felt satisfying and yet I wanted to know what would happen next. I really loved the writing as well, because it was captivating and every single part of this book was interesting. Overall, I give this book 5 out of 5 stars!

I have no words to describe just how much I loved this book, I mean seriously, I need a sequel ASAP!!!!!
The plot of this book was so exhilarating and exciting that I didn't know what to think half the time. I never trusted a single character because half of the characters were on a screen so until the end you didn't know who they were! I started to think that everyone was one of the hackers which I think might of been the point of her never off seeing them and not being able to find out who they were, and if it wasn't well, then it was just a bonus. The action in this book was so well written as well, and it didn't have to be actual hand in hand combat, most of the best action in this book was done behind a screen. Who thought that reading about typing could be so exciting? Hey! That rhymed!
Mallory was such a well rounded realistic character that made some very good choices and some very bad ones. But in all fairness, anyone would of made the bad decision because there were hardly any red flags with any characters meaning that you didn't know who the bad guy was. She has a complicated family life which we didn't really get to understand in full detail until the end of the book, but what was amazing to me was how she always managed to keep it together. She always looked out for her family and put them before herself even in the hardest of time which was what made her very likable.
Warden was my favourite character by far. I loved the fact that when he got nervous he started to talk a lot, which was very relatable to me because that is exactly what I do as well. He wasn't the brightest person in the world but what he occasionally lacked for in skill (compared to Mallory) he made up for in enthusiasm. He also was the character that kept Mallory's two feet planted firmly on the ground which was useful in some situations.
All in all I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. I would give it six but that is not on the scale so five stars will just have to do. This will defiantly now be my favourite book for the time being. Laura Tisdall is defiantly the author to watch!

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