Tuesday 14 July 2015

Die Zauberer (Zauberer-Trilogy #1) by Michael Peinkofer

Book Blurb (from Goodreads):
Der Große Krieg hat den Kontinent Erdwelt nahezu vernichtet. Inzwischen herrschen Elfenkönige gemeinsam mit dem Hohen Rat der Zauberer über das Land. Ihre Aufgabe ist es, den Frieden zu wahren. Doch finstere Verschwörer streben nach der Macht. In diesen ungewissen Zeiten ruht die Hoffnung aller ausgerechnet auf drei jungen Novizen: der verführerischen Elfin Alannah, dem ehrgeizigen Elf Aldur und dem undurchsichtigen Menschen Granock. Ihre Ausbildung zum Zauberer hat gerade erst begonnen. Der Krieg aber steht unmittelbar bevor …


My Review
This book is amazing! I was breezing through it!
I picked this German book up because I wanted a change from the ton of English books I was reading at the moment and am I glad that I did. This fantasy book takes place in a world called Erdwelt (or in English "Earthworld") where elves are the dominant species and superior to the humans. When some of them have a magical gift, they have the opportunity to train in Shakara to become magicians. This story is following three different novices: Granock, the human, Alannah, an elf, and Aldur who is also an elf. We follow how they struggle through the apprenticeship while dark forces are stirring in Erdwelt.
I absolutely loved this book. It may look intimidating at first because it is really thick, but I read so much in one day, that I didn't notice how much I have actually read. I breezed through the entire book and enjoyed every second of it. The balance between speech, description and action was perfect. The characters were lovable and I found myself hating the villains with a passion. I got really into reading this book and wanted to know what would happen next.
First of, I want to say that there are a LOT of characters in this book. At first I was overwhelmed by the different names and the characters' jobs and titles. I was really glad that there was a list with all the characters at the start. Besides that you really get to connect with the characters. When you keep on reading, you remember the different characters anyways and I immediately chose my favourites. Granock was one of my favourites and he is also the main protagonist. He has a crude sense of humour which I found amusing and he also undergoes immense character development. Alannah was nice but I never really felt like I understood or connected to her because she was a bit too nice and good to be true. I hated Aldur with a passion halfway through the book. But then he goes through dramatic character development which turns him from an annoying, arrogant brat to a purposeful, understanding young man. Another one of my favourite characters would be the magician Farawyn, Granock's master. I just liked him for some reason, his conversations with Granock while training him were always very interesting.
I loved the subtle humour in this book. It was obvious how much work the author put into creating such a complex world even with their own language and culture. I found it a bit annoying always having to have to flip back and forth between the pages to understand the meaning of the words, but after a while I started enjoying it. I was really impressed, that the characters and the world were so 3 dimensional.
In conclusion, I absolutely loved this book. The characters and the world were very detailed and the plot was also exciting and eventful. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars!

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